Fling-It is a specially designed weighted nylon cover. It can safely be used to cover or uncover garbage and/or recyclables awaiting pick up at the roadside. Because of its distinctive bright colour, it is highly visible in all seasons, on green lawns or snow covered sidewalks.

Designed with a special sized nylon mesh, this cover keeps pests and pets out of the garbage without harming them.  Fling-It covers are an environmentally conscious, chemically free way to keep our garbage from being scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Fling -It’s unique weighted perimeter rope not only assists us to Fling -It in place over the garbage but also keeps it there regardless of wind and weather conditions.

Why We Should Fling-It

  • Fling-It covers keep pests and pets out of the garbage.
  • It is simple to use. Just Fling-It over your garbage or recyclables. It covers up to 4 full size garbage bags or 4 regular size recyclables bins.
  • Fling-It covers are easy to store, transport and keep clean.
  • No more chasing tarps or picking up wind blown garbage cans and their lids.    Fling-It covers won’t blow away.
  • Fling-It’s bright, distinctive colour makes it easy to find in all seasons and weather conditions.
  • Fling-It covers are approved for use by all waste authorities, towns and cities in NL.